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Artist book by Jens Mennicke,
published 2016

It begins with a white page. As blank as the New Year. Headlines follow—day-to-day terror. That which has happened all over the world: What does this do to the readers? What thoughts, feelings, fears are triggered?

Already after a few pages this is clear: terrorism is omnipresent—anytime, anywhere. Terror is not a state of emergency; it’s not the differences. 382 attacks in 2015, 157 days without terror. Terror prevails.

Only a section of the everyday terror is addressed in the media. The reason for this is the seemingly cynical newsworthiness: A single victim is not news—how many deaths and injuries were there? How far away did the terror happen? And: Were Germans among the victims?

Can a person get used to terror?

The headlines initiate this: An uneasy feeling, uncertainty. Terror makes one feel helpless. And fearful. We become afraid to be around railway stations or airports. Afraid to travel to certain cities. Or to participate in events with many people. Fear is irrational. Anyone who reads the headlines and does not know the background knows little. And ignorance increases anxiety. An avalanche of terror.

Can this be stopped?

(Epilog by Prof. Dr. Andreas Schümchen)

This work quotes media headlines from all recorded terrorist attacks in 2015 and was published in the form of a diary in early 2016, when terror and fear was omnipresent in Europe. Reading copies were displayed in various museum bookstores during this time.

ONE YEAR  IN TERROR Only a small edition of 20 books is offered for sale.
B/W digital print, softcover
368 pages
Date of Publishing: 01/2016

Publisher: Jens Mennicke
Concept & Design: Jens Mennicke
Layout: Studio Mennicke
Epilog: Prof. Dr. Andreas Schümchen
Copy-editing: Toni Heyler
Typeface: Larish Neue, Circular
Printing: Seltmann Printart

320 € (incl. VAT)