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grey I, 2020

C-print, Diasec 
Wood frame, black oak

Size: 88,8 x 64,8 x 3,5 cm (framed)
Includes 2 cm white border
Edition of 25 + 3 AP

A certificate of authenticity will be sent separately.

Germany: approx. 14 business days (10 EUR shipping)
Europe: approx. 14—21 business days (18 EUR shipping)
Worldwide: up to 5 weeks (40—80 EUR shipping)

Note: For orders from outside Europe, additional customs duties and taxes and may apply to the prices listed.

The frame is very subtle when you look at your artwork from the front and has a nice depth from the side, which makes it perfect.
︎︎︎Call for us if you want to know more about framing or production issues.